Salary Advance (Inua Salo)

A quick question, do you have an emergency that your salary can guarantee? If the answer is yes, apply for an Inua Salo loan at Elevate Credit today and get THE BEST RATES in just under 24 HOURS!!!!.The high cost of living and uncertain economic climate poses unprecedented financial challenges as you strive to make ends meet.Some bills, such as school fees and medical emergencies, cannot be adjusted or postponed to align with your current budget.We understand that, at times, resources are uncertain, so we provide you with an Inua Salo loan. It is a short-term loan that is advanced to salaried employees.

How Does Elevate Credit Salary Advance (Inua Salo) Work?

Process Paperwork

Fill the hardcopy paper work, attach payslips and submit.

Verify With Employer

Attached paperwork and slips are sent to your employer.

Our Response

We will reach out to you about the amount you qualify.

Funds Disbursement

Disbursement is done to your account upon approval.


  1. To qualify for this loan, you must be an employee from one of the private companies that we have an MOU with and earn a regular salary.
  2. You can apply for the loan to be repaid through a check-off system after the approval of your employer, who agrees to remit deductions from their employees to Elevate credit.
  3. The loan is payable upon receipt of the following month’s salary.

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Why Elevate Credit For Salary Advance(Inua Salo)

Quick Verification

Quick and Efficient verification of documents with your employer.

Fast Approvals

Applications are processed as soon as your employer approves.

Flexible Payment Terms

We have flexible and comfortable payment plans that suit you